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8 Baby Playtime Activities to Help Your Child Grow Better

  • Posted on Sep 26, 2016
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Playing with your newborn is one of the best ways to help him learn new things and explore the world around. Being the first and favorite playmate, you’re required to add a ton of activities to your child’s playtime schedule. Check out these baby playtime activities that offer your infant endless opportunities to learn and explore new things each day.

Dance with Your Baby:

A great baby playtime activity that your little one will more than likely love is doing a dance together. Dancing not only stimulates different areas of the baby’s brain and body but also provides you a golden opportunity to strengthen the prenatal bond with your infant. So turn your favorite music on, hold your baby in your arms and start bopping around.

Show Him a Mirror:

Showing his reflection in the mirror is another awesome baby playtime activity you can do with your infant. Put your baby in front of a mirror, let him gaze at her own reflection and you’ll definitely see him smiling and laughing. The mirror game indeed improves your baby’s focusing skills as well as promotes his social and emotional development.

Go Outside for a Walk:

Taking your little one for a short walk anywhere, where he could experience new things, is a guaranteed way to sooth him particularly when he is cranky or tired. Going outside helps your child come into contact with nature and gives him an opportunity to use his senses to see, hear, smell and feel whatever exists around him.

Name Body Parts:

Teaching the proper names of body parts is one of the most fun baby playtime activities, which boost a child’s language and communication skills. To help your little one learn body parts, point to a part of his body and name it as you point. After some time, when you will ask him where her eyes and ears are, he will start showing you where they are.

Rip up Some Paper:

As tearing paper into small pieces also gives children immense satisfaction, you can keep your little one entertained by showing him how to tear paper into strips. For this fun baby playtime activity, you should take advantage of tissue paper, wrapping paper, old glossy magazines or invitation cards. The act of tearing improves your baby’s hand-eye coordination skills.

Pack a Picnic:

Picnics are also a great way to introduce your little one to the outside world. They not only improve your child’s social skills but also make him feel more happy and relaxed as compared to indoor environment. So head out to your nearest park with a baby blanket, spread out it on the lawn and have a great lunch with your little buddy.

Play With Educational Toys:

The best time to teach a child something quickly is when he is playing. Given that kids love to play with toys, you can use them as a tool for your toddler to learn educational things. Get some brain-boosting and skill-building toys and put them next to your little one on a baby play mat. This way, not only your toddler’s visual perceptual skills will get improved but also you would be able to keep your baby hooked for a long period of time.

Make Funny Faces and Silly Sounds:

Imitate the faces and sounds your little one makes and have fun. Additionally, there are a number of activities, like sticking out your tongue, rolling your eyes, raising your eyebrows and waving your hands gently, you can do to make your infant laugh and smile. Needless to say, both of you will soon be babbling back and forth to each other.

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