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8 Fashion Tips to Make Your Pregnancy Stylish

  • Posted on Feb 15, 2017
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In a woman’s life, pregnancy is the time when she starts to lose her charm due to her bloated baby bump. During this period, every woman tries to stay equally chic and trendy as she was before pregnancy. While looking gorgeous during pregnancy may seem quite challenging to a pregnant woman, it is certainly not impossible if she follows these innovative fashion tips!

Dress According to Your Figure:

Being pregnant doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have the same shape as any other woman. As every pregnant woman has a different body shape, you need to know your body shape before you try something. Instead of mimicking other pregnant women around you, wear what makes you feel comfortable and look stylish. In short, dress as per your own body shape!

Go Skinny:

Did you enjoy wearing skinny jeans before you were an expecting mom? If yes, there is absolutely no reason to stop wearing those tight-fitting pants just because you’re now pregnant. However, make sure the jeans you’re wearing is loose enough to keep your tummy area constriction-free. Alternatively, you can try leather leggings, designed to fit and flaunt your pregnancy curves.

Show Some Skin:

Just because you’re pregnant, you don’t need to hide your gorgeous skin. In fact, pregnancy offers you the best chance to experience some cleavage. Take advantage of this life changing occasion and wear some short dresses, cross over style V-necks, scoop-neck T-shirts, and sleeveless maternity tops. Remember, pregnancy is not a time to hide yourself behind clothes; it’s time to show off your new curves to the world!

Invest in the Basics:

While you definitely won’t like to spend a lot of money on your pregnancy wardrobe, there are a few basic maternity items you should consider investing in. To look stylish during pregnancy, invest some of your money in purchasing high-quality basics such as maternity ponchos, leggings, jeans, shirts, tank tops, pencil skirts, and trousers. These are the items that you can use even after your pregnancy to look fashionable.

Choose Your Prints Wisely:

When it comes to patterns or prints, most of the pregnant women avoid wearing clothes with bright, bold and colorful prints. You don’t have to do the same! Rather than limiting yourself to basic colors, make the most of your new curves by picking up a few dresses in eye-catching colors and patterns such as polka dots, floral prints, etc. Embrace the patterns that are flattering on you and use them judiciously!

Opt for Block Colors:

If you want to look taller and leaner during pregnancy, go for simple, single-block colors rather than wearing shady and printed stuff. Alternatively, you can try dressing in one solid color to look stylish and attractive. Prefer buying dark colors as they make you slimmer and match with almost everything.

Spice it up with Maxi Dresses:

Regardless of your body shape or type, maxi dresses are a great option to keep your pregnancy wardrobe stylish. Most of these dresses come with an empire cut that keeps you comfortable throughout the pregnancy. As maxi-dresses flatter each and every body shape, pregnant women prefer using them to look stylish and glamorous during pregnancy.

Don’t Forget to Accessorize:

Finally, jazz up your maternity wears with vibrant and colorful accessories such as bags, scarves, jewels, shoes or any other thing that adds charm to your overall look. Accessories bring a sense of individual style to your maternity outfits and therefore, skipping out on them makes no sense at all. Dig through your accessory collection and spice up your maternity outfits as much as you can!

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