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8 Trendy Diwali Gift Ideas for Babies

  • Posted on Oct 12, 2016
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Diwali is almost here and you’re probably busy thinking of what to gift your little ones this year. As there are so many options available today, picking up a unique memorable gift for your loved ones may leave you a little confused. With that in mind, we have come up with some enthralling Diwali gift ideas to help you find something unique and useful for your tiny little bundle of joy.

Let’s unbox them!

Baby Diwali Gift Ideas You Must Check Out


As Diwali heralds the onset of winter season, baby blankets become a must-have item for any mom to keep her little one warm, safe and cozy in bed, especially at night. While there is a wide range of baby blankets available online to pick from, you may also opt for a baby sleeping bag – a modern alternative to the traditional baby blanket.

Bedding Set:

If you’re looking for something that includes almost everything a baby needs to enjoy a sweet and safe sleep, then bedding set would be a perfect gift item for you. Consisting of all the essential bedding items, like a blanket, a mattress, a pillow and two bolsters, in a single convenient package, baby bedding sets help your little one sleep in comfort and style.

Baby Head Pillow:

Given that keeping the baby’s head in the same position for a long period of time may cause him flat head syndrome, you may consider buying a baby flat head pillow. Having a concave center, a baby flat head pillow evenly distributes the pressure around the head and thus minimizes your baby’s risk of developing a flat head.

Changing Mat:

Be it home or outdoor, changing diapers is something a mother needs to do many times a day. To make the process of diaper changing easier, a waterproof diaper changing mat is a perfect gift item for a mom who recently had a baby. Being lightweight and portable, diaper changing mats can also be used for other purposes like playing, sleeping, oil massaging, etc.

Baby Bib:

Baby bibs can also be a unique gift item for growing babies who often drip food on their clothes during the meal time. Usually made of extra soft, absorbent cotton fabric, baby bibs not only protect a baby’s clothes from getting dirty with drools, dribbles, and spills but also proves equally useful for reducing a mother’s overall washing time.

Playing Mat:

Whether it is play time or tummy time, baby play mats play a vital role in keeping a baby busy and entertained for a long period of time. Most importantly, providing baby a soft and comfortable surface, they protect him against cold floors. Primarily designed for infants, playing mats are a perfect gift item for toddlers and older children as well.

Baby Lounger:

One of the unique Diwali gift ideas is buying a baby lounger, which is designed to provide newborns a perfect place to hang out, coo and kick in comfort. Creating a comfy nest around your little one, baby loungers foster his physical growth and development as well as save him from diseases like flat head syndrome and acid reflux.

Bottle Cover:

A bottle cover made of easy to grip cotton fabric can also be a perfect Diwali gift item for a bottle-feeding baby. With a baby bottle cover, you don’t have to worry about maintaining the temperature of liquid stored in the bottle as the fabric-lined insulating material keeps the liquid warm and fresh all the time. In addition, a bottle cover also protects the bottle against scratches, brittleness, dust and dirt.

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