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Baby Hygiene Tips: Keep Your Little One Clean and Healthy

  • Posted on Sep 19, 2016
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A newborn brings along with it a number of challenges and responsibilities for you, one of which is maintaining a good standard of hygiene. Babies have a very weak and sensitive immune system, which makes them more prone to bacterial diseases and infections. So practicing a good hygiene becomes extremely vital for you. Here are a few baby hygiene tips you must follow to keep your little one clean, healthy and happy all the time.

8 Baby Hygiene Tips Every Parent Should Know About

Washing Hands:

Hands are usually the first thing an infant often puts in his mouth. For that reason, washing your baby’s hands with a good antibacterial soap or hand wash liquid is crucial to avoid the risk of getting your little one sick with unseen pathogens and viruses. In fact, washing your baby’s hands is something you must do many times a day.

Give Your Newborn a Proper Bath:

Giving your newborn a good bath every day is essential to protect his sensitive skin against allergies and fungal infections. However, this is not a must! In winter and during the first few weeks of life, gently wiping your baby’s body with a soft, wet cloth is enough to keep him clean and tidy. Don’t overdo the wiping as it can hurt your baby’s delicate skin.

Sterilize Bottles:

If your little one feeds with bottles, make sure to wash and sterilize them well after every use. The most effective way to clean feeding bottles is boiling them in water, which kills all kinds of harmful germs and bacteria. Additionally, you can take advantage of protective baby bottle covers to keep dirt and bacteria away from washed and sterilized feeding bottles.

Keep Your Baby’s Toys Clean:

Since babies have a bad habit of putting their toys into their little mouths, they are likely to be at higher risk of catching infections or allergies. So toys, which your little one loves to play with, too need to be washed frequently with a good anti-bacterial soap and lukewarm water. Try to keep your child’s toys as clean as possible to avoid the formation of a hot spot for germs.

Avoid Leaky Diapers:

Diapers are definitely a blessing for both you and your little one. But, if you don’t change your infant’s diaper immediately after the poop comes out, chances are he will become more prone to skin problems such as irritation, diaper rash or eczema. So check every hour if your baby’s bottom is wet and change his diaper using a baby changing mat, if required.

Trim Your Baby’s Nails:

If there is one place where a pretty large amount of dirt can accumulate, it is your baby’s tiny nails. Long and dirty nails not only help germs easily enter your infant’s body but also can sometimes cause scratches on his cute face. So always keep your baby’s nails well-trimmed and clean. It is worth mentioning here that the best time to trim a baby’s nails is when he is asleep.

Maintain Hygiene during Feeding:

If there is something almost all newborns love to do the most, it’s making a mess during the meal time. Even if you’re feeding your little one yourself, chances are he would make his clothes dirty with accidental dripping, regurgitation or spitting. To keep your child hygienic while feeding, you can make use of baby feeding bibs that are designed to keep food off your little one.

Sanitize Your Home:

To limit your child’s exposure to harmful germs and bacteria, keep your home as clean as possible. Whether it is the bedroom, bathroom or any other area that your baby uses the most, keep it sparkling and germ-free with an effective disinfectant solution. Remember, a clean home is a happy, healthy and safe home!

If you follow all these above mentioned baby hygiene tips, your little angel will definitely develop a strong immune system and enjoy a good healthy life.

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