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7 Newborn Baby Skin Care Tips in Winter

  • Posted on Nov 11, 2016
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Winter is here for the next few months and the cold dry air can be cruel on your baby’s fragile skin. In such, not only you need to take a little extra care of your little one, but also you must be familiar with different ways of keeping your infant’s sensitive skin soft and healthy. Here are a few newborn baby skin care tips that will help you keep your baby’s delicate skin soft and supple all winter long!

Baby Skin Care Tips to Protect Baby Skin in Winter

#Massage Regularly:

This is totally mandatory for all babies, especially in the winter season. Massaging your newborn’s body with lukewarm skin-friendly unscented oil improves the blood circulation, which further contributes to keeping your baby’s skin smooth and supple. Try to give your little one at least 2-3 oil massages daily to protect his skin against dryness.

#Moisturize Your Baby’s Skin:

Pamper your infant’s delicate skin with a gentle baby moisturizer to avoid the risk of chapping or cracking. This is one of the best newborn baby skin care tips in winter. Apply baby lotion or skin moisturizer immediately after bathing to ensure your infant is protected from dryness. Keep moisturizing every 4 to 6 hours if your baby has a dry skin or is suffering from eczema.

#Beware of Heat Rashes:

If you think heat rashes occur only during summer, then you’re absolutely wrong! They may occur during winter too if you overload your little one in with heavy clothes. To prevent red, itchy eruptions plaguing your baby’s skin, dress him in breathable layers that allow proper air circulation. Use warm fabrics like wool for outer layers while keeping the inner layer cotton.

#Keep Baths to a Minimum:

You don’t necessarily need to bathe your little cherub every day if the weather is too chilly. Once every two days would be just enough! Use lukewarm water to bathe your newborn and make sure to keep the bathing time as short as five minutes. If you don’t want to give your baby a bath, then sponge bath is a great option. Lay your baby on a towel, wipe him with a wet washcloth and change his clothing!

#Use a Humidifier:

If you live in a very cold area, where you’re required to put the heater on for most of the time to keep your newborn’s room warm, then you should also use an air humidifier. A humidifier not only helps you maintain the level of moisture in the room but also prevent your baby’s delicate skin from getting dry due to the moisture-deficient atmosphere of a house.

#Soothe the Sensitive Area:

As regular wearing of diapers may cause your little one skin rashes, consider giving him some diaper-free time to let the bottom air out. And, in the case of a diaper rash, use a diaper rash cream or moisturizer in place of a baby powder to heal the rash. Also, make sure to apply a layer of barrier cream to the diaper area before you put a new diaper on your baby. It will protect your little one’s skin against friction, moisture, and discomfort.

#Be Careful When Going Outside:

If you’re going out for some reason, be sure to cover your baby’s hands, feet and head with mittens, socks, and cap. Wear your little one an insulated one-piece footed bodysuit to keep him warm and covered from head to toe. For little one’s in a car or stroller, consider using warm baby blankets to guard against chilly air.

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