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6 Tips to Keep Your Baby Safe While Sleeping

  • Posted on Jun 16, 2016
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Your baby sleeps up to 18 hours a day during the early months of his life, so it’s perfectly natural for you to worry about making his sleep time as safe as possible. After all, it’s not only about how expensive and safe baby bedding items you purchase, but also about where and how you put your little one to sleep. Follow these 6 scientifically proven baby sleep safety tips next time when you put your newborn down to sleep and ensure a safe and sound night’s sleep for him.

Use a Crib or Bassinet:

Always share your bedroom with your baby, but never put him in the same bed you’re sleeping in. Instead, place a crib or bassinet next to your bed so that your child could enjoy a quiet, restful sleep in his own separate sleep space. Remember, babies sleep safest alone in a crib.

Lay Your Baby on a Firm Mattress:

Put your baby to sleep on a firm and flat mattress that is covered by a waterproof sheet and fits tightly against all four sides of the crib. This is crucial because if your newborn sleeps on a soft surface, he will have a higher risk of accidental suffocation and entrapment.

Use a Sleep Positioner:

Considering the fact that babies toss and turn a lot during sleep, you should always use a baby sleep positioner – like an anti roll pillow – to keep your little one lying in the best, comfortable position during sleep. Keeping your newborn’s face up all night, it helps him enjoy an uninterrupted sleep.

Put Your Baby to Sleep on His Back:

Babies sleep more comfortably on their backs as compared to on their stomachs or sides. So always lay your infant down for sleep on his back, even for a short nap, to keep his mouth and nose free from obstructions. This way, he will be able to breathe properly without any interruptions.

Dress Him According to the Season:

Dress your baby with the current season in mind to make sure he would get neither too hot nor too cold during sleep. If it’s winter, dress your infant in a lightweight, one-piece sleeper like a sleeping bag and then wrap him in a swaddling blanket. In the summer season, dress him in as little clothing as possible to avoid overheating.

Keep Loose Bedding and Soft Objects Out of the Crib:

To keep your newborn’s head and face uncovered while sleeping, avoid placing loose bedding (like fluffy blankets and sheepskins) and other soft objects (like foam pads and plush toys) near, under or over him. As these items might cause suffocation to your little one during sleep, it’s better to save them for tummy time and wakeful play.

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