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Baby Sleeping Bags: A Great Alternative to Baby Blankets

  • Posted on Oct 26, 2016
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One of the main challenges faced by mothers during winter is keeping their babies warm, safe and secure all night. While conventional blankets and sheets are a good option to protect the baby against cold, they seem to be inadequate when the weather is quite chilly outside. In such a situation, a baby sleeping bag emerges as an excellent alternative to a traditional blanket!

What is a Baby Sleeping Bag?

A baby sleeping bag, also called a baby sleep sack or wearable blanket, is a bag-like garment designed to be worn by an infant to stay warm and covered during sleep. Unlike regular blankets or sheets, which are wrapped snuggly around a baby’s body, a wearable blanket comes with a neck opening and fitted armholes and is worn over your child’s sleepwear, eliminating the problem of your infant kicking off the blankets and walking up cold at night. Essentially, baby sleeping bags are a safe and easy alternative to traditional baby blankets.

Why Should You Use Baby Sleeping Bags?

The Perfect Temperature:

The first and foremost reason why you should buy a baby sleeping bag is it keeps your little one at a consistent and comfortable temperature throughout the night. Helping your child regulate his body temperature, a wearable baby blanket ensures he will neither feel too cold nor get too hot.

Baby has More Freedom of Movement:

While some babies like swaddling, others don’t because it restricts their body movement. As a baby sleeping bag is designed to eliminate the need of using multiple blankets and sheets for swaddling, it offers babies more freedom of movement so they could move the way they like to move during sleep.

Promote An Uninterrupted Sleep:

Baby sleeping bags help your little one sleep longer as there are no blankets or sheets to kick off or cover your baby’s face. When wearing a sleeping bag, your infant doesn’t wake up due to suffocation or cold and falls back to sleep quickly on his own if he wakes up at night for any other reason.

Perfect for Travel:

Baby wearable blankets are easy to pack and take away with you when you’re out and about. Taking up about as much space as a baby outfit in your carry-on bag, a baby sleeping bag makes travelling easy and fun for you. In fact, it acts as a familiar comforter for your little one, making sleep times easier in new and unfamiliar surroundings.

Choosing the Right Sleeping Bag for Your Baby or Toddler

Choose the Right Size:

Make sure the sleeping bag you’re going to buy is the right size for your baby because if it’s too big, your little one may get trapped inside the bag during the night. On the contrary, a very small sleeping bag restricts the movement and comfort of your baby. So opt for a perfectly sized sleeping bag that is neither too narrow nor too large.

Look for a Front or Side Zip:

Another important thing to look for in a baby sleeping bag is closure option. If you frequently have to change your baby’s diapers at night, opt for a sleeping bag with a zipper (or snap fasteners) on the front or side. This will help you change your baby’s diaper without totally undressing or waking his up.

Check out Fabric and Filling:

While most of the baby sleeping bags are made of cotton, some are made of other fabrics like wool, bamboo, silk, polyester or linen. When choosing an outer fabric, make sure the fabric is breathable and soft against your baby’s delicate skin. Also, prefer to buy sleeping bags with polyester filling as they are lightweight and can be washed easily.

Avoid Sleeping Bags with a Hood:

Some sleeping bags come with a hood attached at the top in order to provide warmth to your baby’s head and ears. These should be avoided because they might cover your newborn’s head and thereby cause him suffocation. Remember, a perfect baby sleeping bag is the one that keeps your infant’s head uncovered during sleep.

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