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Winter Safety Tips: How to Keep Your Baby Warm in Winter

  • Posted on Oct 20, 2016
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Even though winter is the most unique season of the year, it brings a number of challenges to you related to keeping your newborn warm, cozy, healthy and happy. Isn’t it? Given the fact that babies are not as good at regulating their body temperature as adults are, you need to take extra care of your baby’s body temperature during cold weather. So, to help you out, we have cited below some winter safety tips on how to keep your baby warm all winter long.

6 Winter Safety Tips to Take Care of Babies During Winter

#Play Time:

To keep your little one warm and cozy during playtime, dress him in several light layers, which are easy to put on and take off. Babies are more susceptible to cold and therefore, it is recommended to dress your infant in one layer more than you. Do not, however, layer your newborn in too much clothing because it might cause him overheating. Furthermore, you can take advantage of a playing mat to protect your little one from cold floors during playtime.

#Bath Time:

Try to give your baby a gentle oil massage before bath during chilly winter months. While you can use any oil of your choice to massage your baby, we recommend you use mustard oil as it acts as a great insulator and keeps the body warm for a long period of time. Bathe your baby in the lukewarm water and dry him as soon as he comes out of the water. Doing so will minimize your baby’s risk of losing heat through evaporation.


When it comes to meal time, your little one would surely love to make a mess. Isn’t it? As a result, you’re required to change his clothes after almost every meal, which is really a tedious task for both you and your infant in the winter season. To deal with this problem, you can make use of baby bibs that are designed to protect your child’s clothes from wetness and stains during mealtime. Even though bibs don’t provide your baby extra warmth, but they definitely save him from changing his clothes too frequently.


Before putting your baby down to sleep, make sure to dress him in ‘easy to put on and take off’ layers. In fact, the more correctly you dress your baby for bed, the better he will sleep. To keep your little one warm and cozy in the bed, use a fitted cotton sheet underneath his back and add a few layers of baby blankets to the top to block out cold and chilly air. Alternatively, you may choose to use a wearable baby sleeping bag that keeps your shivering baby warm from head to toe, no matter how wriggly or squirmy he is in bed.

#Going Out:

If you’re heading out with your little one for some reason, use socks and mittens to keep his little fingers warm. Wear him a great insulated suit with feet attached and be sure to use a soft baby cap to totally cover his ears. Since you’re your baby’s best warmer, wear your little one against your body in a sling or carrier to keep him warmer than when he is not in a car or stroller.

#Bonus Tip: Take Good Care of Yourself

If you’re a breastfeeding mum, you may also face some wardrobe challenges in the winter season. While breastfeeding is a great way to warm up your baby’s skin with your own body heat, at the same time, it also puts you at the risk of catching a cold. So consider investing in a good quality nursing cover to protect both of yours skin from the cold and frosty air. After all, you deserve to be comfy and warm, too!

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