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Breastfeeding at Night: 9 Survival Skills for New Moms

  • Posted on Nov 17, 2016
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Nighttime feedings are one of the most common challenges that you face during the lactation period. Not only you have to sacrifice your precious sleep but also you need to prepare yourself in advance for those boring late-night feeding sessions. Surviving breastfeeding at night can be daunting, but there are a few things you can do to make nighttime nursing a little bit easier for both you and your little baby.

Let’s go through them one by one!

Stay Close to Your Baby:

Keep your little one as close to you as possible at night. Not only will this make night feedings easier for both of you, it will also save you from getting out of bed every time your infant wakes up. For maximum ease of breastfeeding at night, have your baby’s cot beside your bed or try co-sleeping.

Keep the Room Fairly Dark:

To make sure your baby will go back to sleep easily after a late-night feeding session, try to keep the room as dark and quiet as possible. If you really need some light in your bedroom in order to get a good latch or to find essential items, consider using a nightlight or flashlight instead of turning the room lights on.

Keep Necessities in Reach:

Avoid getting up as much as you can! Have everything, from burp cloths and nursing pads to diapers and wipes, you might need during your night feeds within your arm’s reach. Thus, you’ll not have to go anywhere to get all the things which you need for a hassle-free midnight breastfeeding session.

Get Your Baby to Latch on Properly:

When your little one is sleepy at night, the most common challenge you face is getting the proper latch. To cope with this problem, consider investing in a high-quality, soft and comfortable nursing pillow that is designed to keep your infant’s head in the right position during a breastfeeding session.

Easy Nursing Access is a Must:

If you want to avoid struggling to pull your breast out in the middle of the night, be sure to wear the right nightwear. A nightgown that opens down the front is a great option to provide your little angel a quick and easy access to your breasts. For more convenience, consider wearing a nursing bra!

Try Swaddling Your Baby:

Swaddling is definitely a great way to soothe your hungry and crying baby, especially at night. Consider wrapping your little one gently in a lightweight baby blanket because it will allow him to calm down and focus solely on feeding. However, make sure you don’t swaddle your infant too tightly.

Hide the Clock:

Turn away your clock so that you can’t see what time it is. Staring at your clock during an overnight feeding session would do nothing except make your worry about how late it is or how less you’ve slept. Plus, it won’t help you get back to sleep after the end of the feeding session. So watch your baby, not the clock!

Try Side-lying Position:

This is one of the best tips you can ever follow to make nighttime breastfeeding easier and more comfortable. Lie on your side facing your baby, put your baby on his side facing you and start breastfeeding. In fact, you must try this easy and comfortable breastfeeding position if you have had a cesarean section or difficult delivery.

Ask for Help:

If you’re really struggling with breastfeeding at night, you can always ask your partner (or any other family member) for help. Be it about holding your newborn while you prepare to nurse or just soothing your baby back to sleep, your partner’s support plays a vital role in making overnight feedings comfortable, enjoyable and successful.

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