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Nursing Jumpsuits & Co-ord Sets for Women

You can expect your baby to feed about 8-12 times a day when breastfeeding or pumping, including 3-4 nighttime feedings.

Nursing wear is specially designed to allow quick and convenient access to your breasts so you can feed your little one comfortably, discreetly, and conveniently – anytime, anywhere.

Feeling lazy? Tired of putting your tops and bottoms together to achieve a fabulous postpartum look? Then all you need is a matching pair of nursing-friendly coordinate sets or jumpsuits.

What are feeding co-ord sets?

Nursing coordinated sets or co-ords are pairs of tops and bottoms matched together to keep your comfort and style intact during breastfeeding or pumping. You can wear them either as a set or separately.

The key difference between your regular coordinated sets and nursing co-ord sets is easy and hidden access to feed your baby. There are many different types of nursing access, including double-layer, crossover, side/front zippers, stretchy neck, and button-front.

The most popular combinations in women co-ord sets include:

  • Shirt-Pant
  • Top-Skirt/Short
  • Angrakha-Palazzo
  • Tunic Top-Pant
  • Kimono-Pant
  • Hoodie-Jogger/Pyjama
  • Kurti/Kurta-Palazzo/Sharara
  • Kurta-Salwar
  • Kaftan-Palazzo
  • Salwar-Kameez
  • Matching Pajama Sets

These two-piece outfits complement each other using matching colors/prints/patterns, similar fabrics, and elements that highlight each other's best aspects.

What are nursing jumpsuits?

Nursing jumpsuits are essentially one-piece garments with sleeves, legs, and of course, easy nursing access. They are often regarded as a garment of convenience, as they are lightweight, comfortable, and easy to wear. They come in different styles, including:

  • Formal Jumpsuits
  • Casual Jumpsuits
  • Floral Jumpsuits
  • Party Wear Jumpsuits
  • Denim Jumpsuits
  • Off Shoulder Jumpsuits
  • Full Sleeves Jumpsuits
  • Summer/Winter Jumpsuits
  • Cotton Jumpsuits
  • Designer Jumpsuits

Effortless, chic, and fun, nursing jumpsuits are the right mix of formal and casual appeal, making them suitable for all occasions.

Perks of nursing co-ord sets and jumpsuits for women

Comfy, easy-to-style, and statement-worthy, nursing women co-ord sets and jumpsuits are an ideal choice for capsule and compact wardrobes. Here are some best reasons to invest in them:

  • Quick, easy clothing: You don't have to mix and match different items. Simply slip in and look effortlessly chic!
  • Hassle-free feeding: Feed your baby discreetly and comfortably both at home and on the go.
  • Versatility: Wear women's co-ord sets either as a whole or the top or bottom separately. Recreate new styles to amp up your fashion game.
  • Reusability: Mix and match women co-ord sets with anything on the top or bottom. You get multiple outfits within a single piece.
  • Never out of trend: Being evergreen is the nature of women co-ord sets and jumpsuits. You'll always look trendy and stylish wearing them.

Tips for buying feeding jumpsuits and co-ord sets for women

When you're shopping for nursing co-ord sets and jumpsuits for women online in India, consider the following factors:

  • Comfort: It should offer you a relaxed fit and allow enough room for movement during feeding sessions.
  • Fabric: Opt for lightweight and soft materials, like cotton and rib-knit, to ensure maximum breathability and comfort.
  • Easy access: Look for buttons, zippers, or cuts to ensure hassle-free breastfeeding or pumping.
  • Length: Opt for short for a quirky and fun look, and go with a long one for a more professional appeal.
  • Design: Complementary colors and prints such as floral, stripes, checks, animal, paisley, and polka dots are all the rage these days.

Other essentials for breastfeeding/pumping moms

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