Maternity Bootcut Pants

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Maternity Bootcut Pants for Pregnant Women

Stretchable pregnancy bottoms are a versatile staple in every mom-to-be's wardrobe, from Pregnancy leggings and Pregnancy joggers to Pregnancy jeans and Maternity trousers.

Jeans and leggings are your all-time favorite! You turn to joggers and trousers when you want to keep your fashion sense high. But when you need a polished look with a flared ankle, wide-leg maternity pants are your best bet.

What are maternity bootcut pants?

Pregnancy bootcut pants are tailored specifically for expecting moms. They fit through the hips and thighs with a straight flare from knee to ankle.

Suitable for all pregnant body types, maternity bootcut pants are designed to hug and accentuate your new curves in all the right places.

Made from four-way stretch fabric that keeps adapting to your changing body shape, these wide-leg maternity pants feature a highly breathable and adjustable belly panel or waistband that gently covers your growing bump.

Wide-leg pregnancy pants carry you with style and confidence everywhere, regardless of the occasion or season.

Advantages of wide-leg maternity pants

Bootcut is one of the hottest fashion trends nowadays. Here are some reasons why every pregnant woman should have a pair of maternity bootcut pants in her wardrobe:

  • The flexible belly panel/waistband stretches to accommodate your growing belly.
  • Four-way stretchy fabric smoothes out all your new curves.
  • There is no risk of sweating due to adequate air circulation.
  • They are super easy to wear.
  • They give you a charming, classy, and elegant look.
  • They are super versatile. You can pair them with anything.
  • They are loose and forgiving for fluctuating weight.
  • They work well as both formal and informal wear.
  • They offer utmost comfort through all seasons.
  • You can wear them after pregnancy as well.

Tips for buying the best pregnancy bootcut pants

Pay attention to the following factors to find the best wide-leg maternity pants:

  • Waistband/Belly Band: Look for a waistband or belly panel with an adjustable drawstring. It should gently cover your bump without any discomfort or tightness.
  • Fabric: Choose soft, lightweight, breathable, and stretchy fabrics. The most popular choice for wide-leg maternity pants is a four-way stretch cotton lycra jersey.
  • Color: Go with dark or light colors as they match other colors easily. You can also go with floral prints.
  • Additional Features: Look for side pockets, front seam detailing, etc.
  • Machine-washability: Try to go with machine-washable wide-leg pregnancy pants.

Other essentials for pregnant women

Shop Maternity Bootcut Pants Online

Treat yourself to the comfort of highly stretchable Wobbly Walk maternity bootcut pants, thoughtfully designed by NIFT certified fashion designers.

All our wide-leg pants come with a four-way stretch belly panel that grows with your expanding belly and supports your back throughout pregnancy. You can also adjust the fit using the attached drawstring.

The cotton blend fabrics give you more room for movement, while wide-leg openings create the illusion of slimmer thighs. They are ideal pants for the office, lounging around, hanging out with friends, and running errands. Shop for the perfect pair or two at Wobbly Walk.