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Maternity Sweatshirts & Hoodies – a super versatile wardrobe staple for winter

The recent news shows India will face harsh and extreme winter this year.

As per NHS, expecting moms are most at risk from cold weather. recommends pregnant women wear layered clothing made of natural fabrics like fleece to stay optimally warm during winter.

In fact, sweatshirts and hoodies are the most popular form of clothing during winter as they are very classy, cozy, and stylish.

What are maternity sweatshirts?

A sweatshirt is a typically loose, long-sleeved pullover warm shirt designed to induce sweating. It may or may not have a hood.

On the other hand, maternity sweatshirts are specially designed for pregnant women to stay warm, cozy, and stylish during the chilly weather.

They are designed to stretch and accommodate your ever-expanding belly without restricting your freedom of movement.

They are crafted from winter-specific fabrics like fleece and rib-knit and provide you the much-needed warmth during the winter season.

What are maternity hoodies?

A hoodie, also spelled hoody and alternatively known as a hooded sweatshirt, is a sweatshirt with a hood sewn on. It often includes a drawstring to adjust the hood opening.

Maternity hoodies have all the features of maternity sweatshirts, except they come with an adjustable drawstring hood to keep your head covered and enhance your overall look.

Fashionable ways to style winter maternity hoodies and sweatshirts

Here are some trendy and stylish ways to rock hoodies or sweatshirts for pregnant women:

  • Lounging around the house? Style them with a pair of matching lounge pants or leggings for an instant outfit.
  • Wear an oversized, long sweatshirt or hoodie as a dress without any bottoms to create an appealing streetwear look. Complete the look with thigh-high boots.
  • Pair them with stretchable maternity jeans for an accentuating look. Straight cut, skinny, boot cut, it doesn't matter.
  • Rock the sporty look with fitted bottoms like leggings or yoga pants.
  • Out running errands? Pair them with four-way stretch maternity leggings for an on-trend athleisure vibe.
  • Team them up with slimmer-fitting joggers or sweatpants with tapered ankles for a comfortable yet fashionable look.
  • Sweatshirts and hoodies look best layered. Layer them with a similar-fit jean jacket. Go with a bomber jacket for a sportier vibe.
  • Go with a plain, crew neck sweatshirt for a simple look when you're strolling around or running errands.
  • Wear a multi-colored button-down underneath your sweatshirt or hoodie to create a timeless casual look.
  • Rock a tee underneath your sweatshirt and a blazer on top for a casual style that remains ultra-chic and classic.
  • Venturing outside for a breath of fresh air? Layer them over a t-shirt and jeans for the ultimate casual put-together look.

Really, the possibilities are endless!

What to look for when buying winter maternity sweatshirts and hoodies?

Keep the following factors in mind:

  • Fabric: Prefer winter-appropriate fabrics such as fleece, rib-knit, fur, and wool.
  • Comfort: The sweatshirt or hoodie should give you a pleasant feeling of being wrapped in a soft, warm blanket – without the actual blanket.
  • Warmth: Look for double layers of fabric to ensure extra warmth in frigid weather. The inner fabric may be cotton, fur, or fleece.
  • Style: While the traditional pullover is the most popular type, pregnant women should go with full zip or lace-up style to ensure easy wearing and relaxed fitting.
  • Versatility: Go for a timeless, versatile design that you can wear with just about anything and for all occasions.
  • Easy Nursing Access: for hassle-free breastfeeding after your baby is born.
  • Pockets: generous pockets on the front to warm up your cold hands and carry essentials.
  • The Right Fit: Make sure the hoodie or sweatshirt is neither too small nor too tight. It should fit your body just right.
  • Shape Retention: The high-quality sweatshirts and hoodies feel very smooth to touch and are not affected by stretching. Shape retention ensures you can also wear them when your body returns to a pre-pregnancy shape.

The Most Cozy Winter Maternity Sweatshirts & Hoodies Selection

Smart, sturdy, and snuggly, Wobbly Walk winter maternity sweatshirts and hoodies are a staple in your pregnancy wardrobe during cold weather.

They feature a zip-up opening on the front to allow easy nursing access after the baby is born, plus you also get two pockets around the belly to tuck cold hands inside and hold essentials. They are super versatile, perfect for layering over whatever you wear beneath, and you can wear them for all occasions.