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Fun Activities with Toddler During Summer

  • Posted on Jun 14, 2016
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Summer is here and you’re probably on a quest for some fun loving summer activities for your toddler. Check out our list of eight super simple fun activities for toddlers that will keep your little one hooked and entertained throughout the summer.

Fly a Kite:

Flying a kite in a wide, open area is certainly a great way to give your toddler a chance to get some healthy exercise during summer months. So purchase the right kind of kite, go outside and teach your little one how to fly a kite. Also, you can make and fly paper airplanes.

Blow Bubbles:

Do you remember when you were a toddler, you used to blow, chase and catch bubbles? The bubble game not only boosts a child’s hand-eye coordination but also improves his gross motor skills. Blow some bubbles up high and challenge your child to catch them.

Head out for a Picnic:

Eating and playing outdoors during the summer is one of the children’s favorite things. To have a picnic, you don’t need to plan anything elaborate. Simply bring some food items and water bottles on a swaddling blanket and head outdoors to celebrate picnic.

Play with the Water:

Since there is no doubt that toddlers love to play with water, water play activities become inescapable in the summer season. Toss water balloons, set up a kiddy pool, put out a sprinkler or create a fun water table to help your toddler enjoy refreshing water in those hot summer days.

Play Bat and Ball:

Playing bat and ball with your child is a great way to help him practice hand-eye coordination. Just grab a ball and ask your toddler to catch it or hit it with the help of a bat. Alternatively, you can play kickball with your little one to stimulate his growth and development.

Play with Educational Toys:

If you want to teach a child something quickly, turn it into a fun-filled game because children learn a lot while playing. Get some educational toys and keep them next to your child on an interactive baby play mat. Doing so will improve your toddler’s visual perceptual skills and also keep him hooked for hours.

Ride a Tricycle:

A tricycle is probably the first thing through which a child learns how to ride. Even, many children learn to pedal a tricycle even before they learn to walk. So teaching your little one how to ride a tricycle is really a good idea to help him become a confident walker.

Play Dress Up:

Many toddlers love to play dress-up because it transforms them into whatever they imagine to be, from a superhero to a pirate. If your child is one of them, you can buy some special costumes – like a superman baby cape – to keep him entertained for hours.

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