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8 Fun Indoor Winter Activities for Toddlers

  • Posted on Nov 22, 2016
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As the temperature falls, you and your toddler start spending more and more time inside the home rather than playing outdoors for hours. While keeping your wee one cooped up indoors makes him less prone to a cough, cold and flu, it makes him go a little bit stir-crazy too. Meanwhile, it becomes imperative for you to have some pre-planned indoor winter activities to keep your child entertained and your sanity intact. So to help you get prepared in advance, here are a few incredibly pleasurable indoor winter activities for toddlers, which you can try to beat their winter boredom.

Let’s go through them!

Build a Frosty Snowman:

This is one of the best and most enjoyed indoor winter activities for toddlers. Although the act of building a snowman requires your involvement to some extent, it can keep your toddler hooked for many hours. What’s more interesting is that an indoor snowman does never melt like a real snowman!

Let Him Help You Cook:

Invite your little sidekick to join you in the kitchen and let him help you make a delicious wintertime treat or meal. Assign him simple tasks that don’t require much assistance. Before you head to the kitchen, however, make sure to wear a kitchen apron to save your clothes from splashes and staining.

Read a Good Book Together:

Find a kid-friendly book, choose a subject that you think your child will enjoy and read it aloud with your little one. This will not only make your toddler familiar with sounds and words but also will help him understand the real value and joy of books. As a bonus, this activity is also a great reading exercise for you.

Build a Fort:

On a frosty day, there’s no better indoor winter activity for your little cherub than building a cozy fort out of a bunch of baby blankets and couch cushions. Kids love to hide themselves in a secret spot, so give your child a chance to make the most of his imagination while he creates his own magical castle.

Make Paper Snowflakes:

Even if there is no snowfall outside, you can still bring snow to your house with this simple, fun craft. Allow your child to cut out some unique paper snowflakes with the help of scissors, particularly when you want to keep him busy and entertained for hours. Surprisingly, this is one of the most effective ways to bring out the creative genius in your toddler.

Host an Indoor Camp-out:

Does your family like camping outside in the summer? Well, how about transforming your living room into a campground! Pitch a tent in your living room and ask your kids to pull out their flashlights, sleeping bags and pillows for a little indoor adventure. Also, serve them whatever they like to eat while camping.

Have a Snowball Fight:

While you can’t go outside for a real snowball fight, it’s better to help your kid enjoy a mock snowball fight inside the house. Ask your toddler to make his own indoor fabric snowballs using tissue paper or newspaper and then throw these snowballs at each other to have a lot of snowball fun.

Let Him Do Some Painting:

Pull out the painting kit and let your toddler draw some sweet portraits. In addition to being a great indoor winter activity, the painting also offers a number of benefits to toddlers, like improving hand-eye coordination and developing decision-making skills. To avoid any potential mess, always wear your child a baby bib before he gets lost in the painting.

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