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8 Winter Mistakes New Parents Make With Their Newborns

  • Posted on Dec 14, 2016
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Winter is here and there is no doubt you would be taking special care of your baby to make him less vulnerable to a cough, cold or flu. While you’re trying your best to keep your little one warm and cozy, there are some serious health blunders you could be making with your little one, albeit unknowingly.

Find out what they are and how to avoid them!

#1 Not Dressing Your Baby Properly

Given that newborn babies don’t have the ability to regulate their body temperature, not dressing your child correctly can increase his risk of getting sick due to cold. If you really want to keep your little one safe during the cold weather, first dress him in several layers and then swaddle him in a warm baby blanket. This will definitely keep him out of the cold!

#2 Not Applying Sunscreen/Moisturizer

No matter how much winter clothing your little cherub is wearing, if you don’t apply a gentle sunscreen or skin moisturizer on your baby’s delicate skin, he may soon be a victim of sunburn, cracking or peeling. As sun rays during winter are as harsh as in summer, your newborn must get a good slathering of a baby lotion or skin moisturizer in order to avoid the risk of any kind of skin damage.

#3 Over-bathing Your Baby

Dry skin is one of the most common problems that we all face during the cold winter days, and children are no exception to this. The best way to combat this problem is to keep the bathing at a maximum of three times per week. Also, try to keep the bathing time as short as possible and avoid using too hot water to bathe your baby as it also can dry out your baby’s skin.

#4 Overdressing Your Child

While it’s natural to keep your munchkin warm and snuggly in the winter season, it’s very important not to overload him with too much warm and fuzzy clothing. As overdressing can cause your little one to overheat and suffocate, it’s much better to dress him in a few ‘easy to put on and take off’ clothes. A good rule of thumb is to dress your little guy as you do yourself.

#5 Not Using a Sleeping Bag

Baby blankets are definitely a great way to protect your sidekick against cold and chilly air but when the weather is extremely cold, they seem inadequate to keep your baby warm and cozy. Also, they are easily kicked off by the newborn. Therefore, it is recommended you use a baby sleeping bag to keep your squirming little munchkin toasty and covered all night from head to toe.

#6 Not Covering Baby’s Head, Hands and Feet

Very few mothers know that babies lose a lot of heat through their heads, hands, and feet. When these body parts are exposed, your baby’s chances of catching a cold are higher than usual. Consequently, it becomes really important to cover your newborn’s head, hands, and feet with a balaclava, mittens, and socks respectively. Never ever commit this mistake, in particular when you’re heading out somewhere with your little one.

#7 Not Preheating the Crib

One of the most common mistakes new parents make during the winter season is not preheating the crib before putting the baby down to sleep. Placing the child in a chilled cot or crib makes him more prone to waking up cold. As a result, he is unable to sleep comfortably and peacefully. If you want your little one to enjoy a quiet, restful sleep, consider preheating the crib using heating equipment like a heating pad or electric blanket.

#8 Not Picking the Right Material

While you’re buying some winter clothing for your little cherub, double-checking the material is very crucial. Always prefer to buy clothing made of a warm, soft and comfortable material like wool, flannel, fleece, mink, and hosiery. Avoid materials that itch or maintain dampness as they can make your little one fussy and irritable.

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