1. First off, congratulations! What is your due date?

2. Stand in front of the mirror and turn to the side. When you look at your profile, is your baby bump high and directly under your chest? Or does your pregnant belly sit low on your abdomen?This question is required.?

3. Next time you go to the ob-gyn, ask what the heart rate of your soon-to-be newborn is. Is the number less than 140 beats-per-minute?This question is required. *

4. Grab a mirror and check your complexion. Did pregnancy evaporate your acne, leaving you with a smooth, healthy glow?This question is required.

5. Time to check your partner out. Is he gaining weight along with you -- or packing on even more pounds than you have?This question is required. *

6. If it were up to you, would you skip dinner altogether and head straight for dessert?This question is required. *

7. Do you find that since you've been pregnant you can't seem to stand up without tripping over your own feet?This question is required. *

8. Do you feel an overwhelming desire to chow down on anything salty, like a big bag of chips or a salt-crusted pretzel?This question is required. *

9. During your first trimester, did you wonder what all the fuss about morning sickness was?This question is required. *

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