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Mini Electric

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  • The Medela Mini Electric breast pump is a good compact electric breast pump for mothers who occasionally express.
    • Compact: small motor unit, can be operated with one hand
    • Just five parts to deal with: easy to put together, take apart and clean
    • Tubeless
    Tech Details
    Item Model Number 006.2046 Product Dimensions 24.5cm X 26.9cm X 7.8cm Battery life 3 hours Target gender Female Model Name Mini Electric Power source Battery or electric Dishwasher safe No Bottle type 150ml Medela bottle, BPA free Is portable Yes Gross Item Weight 0.9 KG Warranty 6 Months on Motor and 3 Months on Adaptor Battery Type 2 AA
    Key Features
    • Compact, tubeless handheld electric breast pump – If you are using a manual breast pump then the Mini Electric is a good step up if you need a pump for occasional use but find that using a manual breast pump is time-consuming and tiring. The Mini Electric is one of the smallest, portable, but also basic electric pumps in the Medela range for occasional use.
    • Compact – The motor in the Medela Mini Electric is located on top of the breast shield, which makes the pump very compact and easy to operate with one hand. The suction speed can be controlled with a dial at the side of the motor.
    • Only five parts – The Mini Electric breast pump is made up of only five parts, so cleaning and assembly only takes a couple of minutes.
    • Tubeless – Another benefit of the motor unit located on top of the breast shield is that there are no tubes: expressed milk flows directly into the bottle.
    Personal Hygiene
    • Hands should be thoroughly washed with soap and water before touching the breast and pump parts.
    • The breast and surrounding area need cleaning with a damp cloth. Soap or alcohol should not be used which can dry the skin and cause cracked nipples.
    • Touching the inside of bottles and lids should be avoided.
    • Always disconnect the Mini Electric from the mains after expression.
    • Only fill the bottle to the 150 ml mark.
    Useful Hints/TroubleShoot
    • For any assistance required for your pump, please feel free to call us on our toll-free number – 1800 102 3645 (Timing: 9am to 6pm from Monday to Friday)
    • All information regarding your pump is also available on the ‘Instruction For Use’ leaflet which comes with your breast pump
    Package Contents
    • 1x PersonalFit™ Breast shield M (24 mm)
    • 1x PersonalFit connector
    • 1x bottle 150ml
    • 1x bottle stand
    • 1x motor unit
    • 2x valve membrane
    • 1x protective cap
    • 1x disc
    • 1x lid
    • 1x mains adapter
    • 1x Instructions for Use
    Recommended Use