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6 Crucial Things to Consider When Buying a Baby Bedding Set

  • Posted on Jul 18, 2016
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One of the best things about baby bedding sets is that you get everything you need in a single convenient package. All you need to set it all up in the crib and you’re ready to provide a safe and comfortable sleeping environment to your little one. However, finding a perfect bedding set is about more than just style and comfort. You’re required to pay attention to following six crucial things before buying a baby bedding set for your little bundle of joy.

Keep Your Baby’s Gender in Mind:

Ideally, you should choose a baby bedding set that suites the gender of your little one most. For example, colors like blue and black are considered good for a baby boy while pink or white colored bedding sets are perfect for a baby girl. However, if you’re a mom-to-be who doesn’t know what the gender of her infant is, you can buy gender-neutral bedding sets that are multicolored and designed to fit both boys and girls.

Look What’s Included:

Bedding sets usually consists of more than one baby bedding items, which are designed to provide babies ultimate comfort and warmth during sleep. However, the exact contents of the set may vary depending on the manufacturer. Generally, a baby bedding set consists of four to eight different pieces, including a mattress, a pillow and a large multi-purpose blanket that you can use in many ways – like a sleeping, swaddling, receiving or outgoing blanket. Depending on your budget, you can decide how many pieces you want in the set.

Choose the Right Size:

While you’re buying bedding sets for your little one, you should know that like other baby products, they also come in different sizes like small, medium and large. In the bedding set, as a general rule, the crib and mattress must be the same size and the quilt or blanket should be bigger than the mattress. So depending on the size of the crib and the height of your little one, choose perfectly sized bedding set for your toddler.

Go Fashionable:

Although bedding sets are available in an endless number of designs and patterns, ranging from classic striped designs or checks to modern polka-dots, always prefer buying a fashionable yet affordable bedding set that matches the color of the crib perfectly as well as makes the nursery look bright and cheerful. Also, be sure the bedding set is perfect for both summer and winter seasons.

Make Sure It Is Easy to Clean:

While choosing a baby bedding set, make sure all the pieces included are made of a soft, breathable and machine washable fabric like cotton. Given the fact that newborns love to make mess, there is no doubt the set will need to be washed very often. Hence, a difficult to clean bedding set is something you must avoid at all costs. Furthermore, to be on the safe side, you may consider purchasing a waterproof mattress protector sheet.

A Carry Bag:

Last but certainly not least, check if a free reusable fabric carry bag has been offered with the bedding set that you’re going to buy. This is crucial for easy upkeep and on-the-go convenience of the set. After all, a good baby bedding set is the one that can be used both at home and while traveling.

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