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Nursing Dresses to Feed Baby in Comfort & Style

Whether you're going to nurse your baby soon or already going through the same phase, you will surely need nursing dresses and gowns at some point in your motherhood journey. After all, you want to feed your baby conveniently without compromising your comfort and style.

It is especially true when you are heading out to a function. You don't want to interrupt your fashion game for the sake of comfort, and all you want is to dress up right for the occasion.

With thoughtfully designed feeding gowns with zippers or buttons, you don't have to miss any event and can enjoy the beautiful moments together with your little one!

What is a nursing dress?

Ever tried breastfeeding or pumping in your regular wear? It is almost impossible. That is where feeding dresses for mothers come in handy!

A breastfeeding dress or gown features hidden openings on the front to let you feed your baby confidently anytime, anywhere, without exposing your stomach and breast.

How are nursing dresses different from maternity dresses?

Mother feeding dresses are not just maternity dress. They are an upgraded version of pregnancy dresses, specifically designed for breastfeeding or pumping moms. On the other hand, maternity dresses are crafted to accommodate your changing body during pregnancy.

For making postpartum life easier, feeding dresses for mothers offer special features like:

  • Hidden access to breasts
  • Optional tie belts
  • Seamless layers
  • Flattering silhouettes for the postpartum body
  • Elasticated empire waist for easy fit

Cotton feeding gowns with zippers are comfortable, fashionable, and easy to wear. They let you nurse in style and, more importantly, in comfort, no matter where you are – at home or in public.

Different types of nursing dresses

All feeding gowns and dresses have easy breast access in common. However, they come in different styles. Here are the most popular ones:

  • Zipper: The hidden zipper is barely noticeable to people around you. Simply unzip and feed with ease.
  • Button: Undo as many buttons as needed to reveal your breast with one hand. The great part is it doesn't look like you are wearing a mother feeding dress.
  • Stretchy Neck: Pull the super flexible neck down to feed your baby and let it go back into place once you are done.
  • Double-layer: This style has an added layer of fabric near your bust, like feeding tops. Pull up the top layer to reveal cutaways underneath to access your breasts.
  • Crossover: Sometimes referred to as a wrap gown, it is a nice flowy outfit in which two pieces of fabric overlap each other. Pull one side down at a time to access the breast.
  • Maxi: It reaches the floor and is a perfect casual throw-on. Depending on the design, a feeding maxi dress may have a zip-down, double layer, or crossover pattern to reveal the breast.
  • Midi: It ends a few inches below the knees to just above the ankles. An ideal choice for heading out!
  • Mini: It falls above the knees, generally at mid-thigh level. Perfect for parties where you want to look ultra-chic and stylish.
  • Off-the-shoulder: An off-the-shoulder feeding maxi dress adds a touch of elegance to your style. It comes with hidden zippers around both breasts.
  • Bodycon: With ample stretch, it hugs your postpartum body nicely. Perfect for any outing you want to attend during breastfeeding.
  • Gown: A cotton feeding gown with zippers is an ultra-chic and stylish outfit option for new moms.
  • Ruffle: It features understated yet elegant ruffle layers from top to bottom. Pull away the top layer to reveal the breast.

How to choose the best nursing dress?

Consider the following factors while buying feeding dresses for mothers online:

  • Ease of Access: Look for the type of opening you prefer. Try on different styles to see what works best for you.
  • Length: Some dresses may be too long, while others could be too short. Find a comfortable length for you.
  • Fabric: Opt for soft and breathable fabrics. Cotton is best as it is lightweight and easily washable. Rib-knit is more suitable for winter. Avoid synthetic materials.
  • Color: Choose colors according to your skin tone. If you have been prone to leaky breasts, wear darker colors to mask leaks.
  • Fit: Body-hugging gowns are great options. Choose a more flowy style if you're too conscious about your postpartum shape.
  • Easily Washable: Choose machine-washable dresses that leave no stains of milk behind.

Perfect match: the right bra

Easy-access feeding bras are the foundation of your postpartum wardrobe. It comes with special clips, snaps, or hooks that allow you to fold down a section of fabric to feed your baby. Wear a matching one underneath because the best nursing function on your gown is useless without it.

Other essentials for new moms:

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There is nothing like a cotton feeding gown with zippers to feed your baby in utmost comfort, style, and confidence!

Explore our curated selection of adorably fashionable mother feeding dresses with various types of front openings, ranging from crossover and drop-down to zippers and buttons.

Whether you're getting glammed up for a wedding or just heading out for shopping, we've got a beautiful breastfeeding dress or gown for every occasion, casual or formal.

Shop feeding dresses online in India from Wobbly Walk and enjoy a smooth and hassle-free breastfeeding experience.