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Nursing Pillows Online for Breast Feeding Mums

Even though Breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful and intimate acts between a lactating mother and her newborn baby, most of the women don’t know how to get their infant properly latched on to their breast. If you’re one of those mothers who often hold their baby in awkward positions, you may suffer from various health issues like constant back pain and arm numbness soon. Besides, holding your baby in an incorrect position during lactation can cause him to have a lot of swallowing and digestive problems. A breastfeeding pillow, also known as a baby nursing pillow, is certainly the best and easiest way to get rid of all these health-related problems.

Designed to help you easily get your newborn in the right and comfortable position, a baby nursing cushion is a boon to you as a new mom. Not only it provides proper support to your baby’s head but it also saves your arms during long sessions. If used properly, breastfeeding pillows can also help your little one learn to sit up. Moreover, you can use them as a supporting cushion for your back, arms, and lap. Usually designed in a "U" shape, a breastfeeding support pillow is indeed a must-have item for a lactating mother.

Why You Should Use Baby Nursing Pillow for Breastfeeding?

  • It Helps You Get the Right Latch: Designed to raise your little one up closer to your breast, a breastfeeding support pillow helps you get the perfect latch. This way, your baby receives the maximum amount of breast milk possible, which is crucial to have a successful session.
  • It Prevents Common Lactation Issues: An improper posture can cause several health-related problems to a lactating mother, like arm numbness, constant back and neck pain, sore and cracked nipples, blocked milk ducts, and breast engorgement. A baby nursing cushion keeps you away from all these problems.
  • It Provides Baby Relief from Colic and Reflux: Feeding your child in an improper position can make him suffer from several digestive problems, like colic and reflux. Ensuring the proper latch, a breastfeeding pillow keeps your baby’s head higher than his tummy, which eventually prevents any gastrointestinal issue.
  • It Provides Support After C-Section: If you have gone through the cesarean section, a baby nursing cushion can help the place of incision heal faster. Not only it protects the site of your incision from sudden injuries but also it provides comfort to your strained and sore abdominal muscles.
  • It Is Great for Tummy Time: A baby nursing cushion is a great item to enhance your baby’s tummy time as it props your little one up and thus strengthens his neck muscles.
  • It Makes Pregnancy Painless: You can even use the breastfeeding pillow to make your pregnancy less painful and more comfortable. Especially in the third trimester when it becomes difficult for you to bear the weight of your little one, you can take advantage of a baby nursing cushion to support your back.
  • It Proves Helpful in Bottle-feeding: While Nursing Pillows are designed with lactating moms in mind, they can also be used for bottle feeding. What's more, a breastfeeding pillow makes it easier for other family members to bottle feed your newborn.
  • It Helps Your Baby Learn to Sit Up: Did you know that nursing pillows were initially designed to prop up newborns to make them able to sit on their own? After a few months after birth, you can use a breastfeeding pillow to support your baby’s back when he tries to sit on his own.

Different Types of Nursing Pillows to Buy Online

Nursing Pillows are available to buy online in different variants, including but not limited to:

  • Organic Nursing Pillow: Made with a unique blend of organic materials, an organic breastfeeding pillow ensures your baby lies softly and safely during breastfeeding.
  • Adjustable Nursing Pillow: An adjustable breastfeeding pillow offers multiple adjustable heights to help you achieve the optimum angle when you feed your little one.
  • Inflatable Nursing Pillow: An inflatable breastfeeding pillow comes with multiple air chambers to provide proper air circulation to your baby during breastfeeding.
  • Travel Portable Nursing Pillow: When you're out and about, a portable breastfeeding pillow can be your true travel companion.
  • Infant Feeding Support Pillow: An infant support pillow is designed specifically to lift newborn to a more ergonomic position.

At Wobbly Walk, we manufacture and sell a wide variety of soft and comfortable baby feeding pillows online. All our pillows are handmade with high-quality cotton fabric and designed to help you maintain the right position for your baby to latch on. Additionally, they are firm enough to prevent your infant from rolling in or away from you when you feed your little one. So log on now to and order a super versatile baby nursing cushion for your little one! Also, don’t forget to check out our other similar products – like Nursing CoversScarves and Ponchos – which you’ll surely find beneficial.