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Whether you're a new mom or a veteran, nothing can make you more blessed than seeing your baby smiling and happy. Apart from your love, care, and affection, your little one also needs a warm, safe, and cozy sleeping environment to enjoy a deep, restful sleep. Baby blankets and quilts are designed to keep the baby warm, secure, and comfortable during sleep. Given that a newborn baby spends most of his/her time sleeping, many mothers buy these coverings to help their little ones fall asleep for long hours.

Different Types of Baby Blankets to Buy Online

Since babies can't regulate their body temperature, having a couple of soft baby blankets and quilts are a must-have item for parents to keep their little ones warm and cozy throughout the night. If you're planning to buy one online, your topmost priority should be the comfort of your infant. Baby comforters and quilts are available to buy online in several different types, including:

  • Receiving: This type is the most versatile and functional of all. They are lightweight, soft, and thin, having either a rectangular or square shape. Although they are designed primarily to receive the baby after birth at the hospital, you can still use them for almost any purpose.
  • Security: These are designed to keep your little one comfortable and secure at bedtime or in other unusual situations. They are typically made of ultra-soft plush or fleece and usually come with a stuffed animal attached. Still, they are so durable that your baby can also use them in toddlerhood.
  • Swaddling: These are similar to previous ones in terms of comfort. However, they differ because they come with Velcro fasteners to make it easy to swaddle the baby. They are designed to wrap babies snuggly, making them feel like they're still in the womb. They have a square or rectangular shape and are larger than receiving covers.
  • Crib: These are larger coverings designed primarily for bedtime. They often come in the form of a set, including duvets, sheets, and bedding sets. You can use them for various purposes, like placing them on the mattress, hanging them on the nursery wall for decoration, or using them as a playmat.
  • Sleep Sacks: Also called sleeping bags, sleep sacks are essentially wearable duvets designed to keep your little one fully covered during sleep. They are a great alternative to traditional newborn coverings and perfect for toddlers who often kick-off their regular comforters.
  • Quilts: Quilts are usually thicker and heavier, and they are more suitable for the winters. Unlike single-layer woven sheets, quilts are composed of three layers of quilted coverings: the top, middle, and back. These three layers are stitched together to make a single piece of fabric called a quilt.

Things to Consider When Buying Baby Blankets & Quilts Online

  • Purpose: Different types of coverings and quilts have different uses, so you need to decide which type is perfect for your little one. Your best bet would be to pick at least one cover of each type and make sure each one fits your little one well.
  • Warmth: When you're going to buy a quilt for your newborn, keep the season in mind. For instance, a flannel or fleece quilt is ideal for keeping your little one warm during winter, while thin cotton coverings are more appropriate for the summer season.
  • Fabric: Baby blankets and quilts are available in various materials, including cotton, muslin, fleece, flannel, wool, mink, etc. Make sure the fabric is lightweight, soft, breathable, and feels pleasant against the skin. If possible, prefer buying coverings and quilts made with woven cotton as they are lightweight, breathable, and durable.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Newborns love to make a mess, so make sure the quilt is easy-to-clean. Prefer buying machine-washable and quick-dryable baby comforters and quilts as your little one will be making mess frequently.

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