Maternity Dresses for Baby Shower

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Baby Shower Dresses – Show Off Your Baby Bump with Confidence

Also called Godh Bharai in India, baby showers are on the rise as 60% of the parents admit to spending a staggering $600 on the event.

Why should you dress up for a baby shower?

A baby shower is an exciting event, especially for first-time moms. Besides celebrating your pregnancy with your loved ones, it is a great opportunity to show off your baby bump in the most flattering and stylish way possible.

Everyone will be wearing a stunning dress at this special event, so you don't want to show up in casual clothing. If you feel uncomfortable with what you wear, you won't enjoy yourself. At the same time, you may feel out of place if you dress up too casually and differently from everyone else.

You are the center of attention during your baby shower, so take the time to pick a pretty dress for it.

What should I wear to my baby shower?

Plan your dresses for the baby shower as you plan the outfit for any other occasion!

Although there is no hard rule as to what a pregnant woman should wear to this celebratory occasion, it is highly recommended you go with figure-flattering and stylish baby shower dresses that look classier and more elegant than any other outfit.

What are baby shower dresses?

Baby shower dresses are specially designed to keep you super comfortable, confident, and upbeat during the baby shower ceremony. Apart from wearing them for the baby shower, you can also double them as maternity photoshoot gowns.

Types of baby shower dresses

Baby shower dresses typically fall into these three main categories:

  • Short baby shower dresses: perfect for spring, summer, and fall.
  • Midi baby shower dresses: ideal for a straightforward and sober look.
  • Maxi baby shower dresses: suitable for a more glamorous look.

How to choose the best baby shower dresses?

Consider these factors to pick the perfect dress for your baby shower:

  • Comfort: the dress should allow you to move comfortably.
  • Fit: decide between a snugly fit or a more flowy, loose-fitting design?
  • Style: choose a dress that reflects your style.
  • Sleeves or sleeveless?: choose the appropriate one according to your comfort level.
  • The neckline: A-line or v-neck? Pick the one that you will feel most comfortable in.
  • Season: keep the weather in mind.
  • Color/Theme: choose the color based on your skin tone and baby shower theme.

What are Indian baby shower dresses?

The most popular and preferred garments to wear during a baby shower in India include:

  • Sarees & Lehenga: the most elegant and classy choice.
  • Salwar Suits & Anarkalis: an excellent option considering the comfort factor.
  • Gharchola: classic wear offering a royal and grand appearance.

What colors should you wear to a baby shower?

Baby showers are a celebration, so go with clashing colors, vibrant prints, and rainbow brights. Red, blue, yellow, gold, and green are great options.

Can you wear black to a baby shower?

Black is a traditionally negative color, so avoid wearing it to the baby shower.

Can you wear white to a baby shower?

While white is typically reserved for weddings, there's no hard and fast rule saying that you can't wear it to a baby shower.

What should you not wear to a baby shower?

Do not wear anything that restricts your freedom of movement and makes you feel uncomfortable.

Styling tips for the perfect baby shower look

  • Wear a stretchy yet comfortable dress to highlight your bump.
  • Select your outfit according to the weather of the place.
  • Opt for lightweight and breathable fabrics.
  • Pair dress with leggings during the cold weather.
  • Wear some matching accessories to complete your look.
  • Safety first! Choose comfy flats over high heels.

Where to buy baby shower dresses?

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