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Super Stretchable Shorts for Maternity

Every expecting mom's wardrobe should include comfortable and supportive maternity pants. Pair them with different kinds of tops and t-shirts, and you will look fabulously chic.

Comfort is all you seek during pregnancy, and the coolness that a pair of shorts provides on the hot summer days is incomparable to any other bottom wear.

Pregnancy shorts are the classic summer wear that allows you to show off your gorgeous legs and feel comfortable at the same time.

What are shorts for maternity?

Thigh chafing is a common skin problem during pregnancy, and women's maternity shorts are specifically designed to prevent it by providing proper airflow, especially on warmer days.

With a highly breathable and flexible waistband, they beautifully hug your baby bump without being restrictive while also providing you the much-needed lower back support during pregnancy.

The ease and versatility of shorts make them a staple in every pregnant woman's wardrobe. You can dress them up, wear them to prenatal yoga sessions, or put them on for lounging around the house during those hot and humid summer months.

Anti-chafing cotton pregnancy shorts are quite popular among pregnant women as they are lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking.

Not only in the warm season, but you can also use maternity shorts for under dresses on cooler days and evenings. Wear them as maternity underwear or underpants, and your legs will surely stay warm and cozy.

Benefits of shorts for pregnancy

Cute pregnancy shorts are the most comfortable and stylish bottom wear for pregnant women, especially in summer. The advantages of shorts for pregnancy include:

  • They encourage airflow on warmer days, preventing hormonal sweating and thigh-chafing.
  • The four-way stretchy waistband stretches to accommodate your growing bump.
  • Shorts for maternity provide comfort, coverage, and support to your growing belly.
  • They allow you to move freely without restricting your movements.
  • They offer gentle support to your lower back and entire pelvic area.
  • They are perfect for practicing prenatal yoga, workouts, and jogging.
  • They are super versatile - pair them with Tops and T-shirts or wear them under maternity dress.
  • They are easy to wear and take off.
  • You can wear them before, during, and after pregnancy.

Things to consider when buying maternity shorts online

When buying shorts for maternity, keep these things in mind:

  • Stretch: The shorts should be able to grow with you throughout pregnancy. Go with four-way stretch, breathable, and moisture-wicking fabrics. Cotton and cotton blends are the best choices for pregnancy shorts.
  • Waistband: Look for an adjustable waistband that stretches for a flattering fit. A drawstring or drawcord is a good choice.
  • Function: Determine what type of shorts you need. Do you need maternity workout shorts, or are you on the hunt for maternity underwear shorts? (Or both?) Understand the core function before buying shorts for maternity.
  • Additional Features: Look for extra features like pockets, side panels for additional support, etc.
  • Machine-washability: Try to go with machine-washable shorts for pregnancy.

Other essentials for moms-to-be

Wobbly Walk Cotton Pregnancy Shorts

There is nothing worse than feeling hot during pregnancy. Stay cool and chafe-free with Wobbly Walk cotton maternity shorts specially made for comfort.

Made of highly breathable and moisture-wicking cotton blends, our pregnancy shorts come with a lightweight waistband that gently covers your growing bump without feeling constricting.

Along with keeping you cool in the heat, our shorts also support your lower back. You can further adjust the fit through a drawstring or drawcord. The belly panel can also be folded down under the belly for added support.

The pull-on style makes our pregnancy shorts easy to wear and take off. You can wear them for pregnancy yoga and workout, jogging, sleeping, running errands, and lounging around the house. They are your perfect go-to wear when you feel hotter during pregnancy.

Whether you're looking for on-trend cotton shorts or need cute lounge shorts, we have got you and your bump covered.

Explore our collection of plus size maternity Shorts for sizes up to 5XL.