Maternity Co-Ords & Matching Sets

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Pregnant Women Co-ord Sets & Matching Sets

Comfort is your topmost priority during pregnancy, but you also don't want to compromise your fashion sense.

Pregnancy clothes are specifically designed to provide you the much-needed comfort and keep you looking chic throughout all trimesters.

Tired of pairing your tops and bottoms to achieve a super elegant pregnancy look? A matching pair of maternity co-ord sets is the solution.

What are maternity co-ord sets?

Maternity coordinated sets or co-ords are matching tops and bottoms that you can use to create a put-together, polished look without sacrificing your comfort during pregnancy. You can wear them either separately or as a set.

The most significant differences between your regular co-ord sets and pregnancy co-ord sets are fabrics used, pregnancy-specific details, and hidden nursing access.

Maternity matching sets are made of highly breathable and stretchy fabrics. They provide ample room for your growing bump with features like an adjustable belly band or waistband. The easy openings around the breast area ensure hassle-free breastfeeding or pumping after delivery.

The most popular combos include:

  • Angrakha-Palazzo
  • Kurti/Kurta-Palazzo/Sharara
  • Kurta/Kurti-Salwar
  • Shirt-Pant
  • Top-Skirt/Short
  • Kaftan-Palazzo
  • Salwar-Kameez
  • Kimono-Pant
  • Tunic Top-Pant
  • Matching Pajama Sets
  • Hoodie-Jogger/Pyjama

In these two-piece sets of clothing, tops and bottoms complement each other with similar fabrics, matching colors/prints/patterns, and details highlighting each other's best aspects.

What are nursing jumpsuits?

Pregnancy nursing jumpsuits are essentially one piece of clothing with legs, sleeves, pregnancy-specific details, and easy nursing access. They are known for comfort and convenience because they are easy to wear, wash, and iron. Jumpsuits for women online come in different styles, including:

  • Casual Jumpsuits
  • Formal Jumpsuits
  • Floral Jumpsuits
  • Denim Jumpsuits
  • Party Wear Jumpsuits
  • Full Sleeves Jumpsuits
  • Off Shoulder Jumpsuits
  • Cotton Jumpsuits
  • Summer/Winter Jumpsuits
  • Designer Jumpsuits

Chic, effortless and fun, nursing jumpsuits are suitable for all occasions as they are a perfect fusion of formal and casual style.

Benefits of pregnant women co-ord sets & jumpsuits

Comfortable, easy-to-style, and statement-worthy - pregnancy jumpsuits and co-ord sets for women are ideal for a capsule wardrobe. Here are some reasons to buy them:

  • Maternity co-ord sets allow for quick, effortless clothing without mixing and matching different tops and bottoms in your closet.
  • They give your baby bump enough room to grow without restricting it.
  • You can feed your baby comfortably, discreetly, and conveniently both at home and in public.
  • They give you a smart and relaxed look.
  • Pregnancy co-ord sets can be worn either as a set or as separates. You can recreate new styles to amp up your style game.
  • Mix and match them with different tops and bottoms to create new outfits. A single piece gives you multiple looks. You can reuse them unlimited times.
  • Pregnant women co-ord sets never go out of trend. You can wear them from pregnancy through breastfeeding to weaning and beyond.
  • Pregnancy matching sets are ideal for both lounging at home and stepping out.
  • You can wear them for all formal and casual occasions.

Tips for picking the best maternity co-ord sets and jumpsuits

When buying pregnant women co-ord sets and jumpsuits online in India, consider the following factors:

  • Waistband/belly band: Look for an adjustable four-way stretchy belly band or waistband.
  • Comfort: It should allow enough room for movement with a relaxed fit.
  • Easy nursing access: Look for zippers, buttons, or cuts to ensure trouble-free breastfeeding or pumping after delivery.
  • Fabric: Choose lightweight, soft, and breathable fabrics, like cotton and rib-knit, to avoid overheаting оr sweаting.
  • Length: You can opt for a lengthy design for a professional look or go with a short one for a fun and quirky look.
  • Design: Complementary colors and prints such as floral, animal, checks, stripes, polka dots, and paisley are quite popular these days.
  • Additional Features: Look for extras like side pockets.
  • Machine-washable: Try to go with machine-washable maternity matching sets.

Wobbly Walk Maternity Co-ord Sets & Matching Sets

Reinvent your look with uber-stylish and functional co-ord sets and jumpsuits for pregnant and new moms from Wobbly Walk.

Thoughtfully designed by NIFT certified fashion designers, our two-piece range is crafted to keep you super comfortable and stylish all day long. The breathable waistband or belly band grows with you throughout pregnancy.

Wear our pregnancy matching sets to lounge around the house, run to a nearby store, go out to a nice dinner, or even sleep. They all come with easy nursing access for hassle-free breastfeeding and pumping after delivery.

From maternity dungarees to cute sleepwear pajama sets, we've got every style for mommies-to-be. Women going through a winter pregnancy can try our rib-knit hoodie and jogger set to stay warm throughout the season.

Shop now online for super versatile and practical pregnant women co-ord sets and jumpsuits that you can wear during pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond. After all, you deserve it, Mama!