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Maternity jeans to fit comfortably and support your bump. Adjustable waistband to adapt through different stages of pregnancy and postpartum.

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Blue Maternity Jeggings

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Buy Maternity Jeans Online in India

Imagine how happy, excited, and blessed you feel as soon as you come to know that you're pregnant. Along with trying your best to keep your unborn baby safe, healthy, and comfortable, the one thing you focus the most on is what to wear during pregnancy. As a pregnant woman, you not only need to stay relaxing round the clock, but you also have to keep your style statement up throughout the pregnancy.

Since your regular clothes start feeling tight and uncomfortable, you need something that fits you well with a chic and classy look, and this is where maternity clothes come in handy. With maternity wear, you don't have to compromise on either comfort or fashion during pregnancy. There is a versatile range of comfy and stylish maternity clothing online for pregnant women to buy, and maternity jeans and jeggings are among them.

What Are Maternity Jeans?

With your ever-expanding baby bump, it becomes imperative to switch to maternity bottom wear from regular ones that don't fit you anymore and restrict your freedom of movement. Pregnancy jeans are similar to your pre-pregnancy denim, with the only difference that they are specially designed to suit your changing body's needs during pregnancy.

They are made of ultra-soft and four-way stretchy fabrics and feature belly panels or waistbands to support and accommodate your growing bump. They do this in several ways, from either having a higher flexible front belly panel that goes over the belly, or a low-cut stretchy side panel that goes under the bump, or by having an adjustable waistband that adapts your changing size. Thus, maternity denim pants provide your belly with plenty of room to grow without constricting your expanding body.

Different Types of Maternity Jeans to Buy Online

Designed to accommodate your growing belly, pregnancy denim pants are undoubtedly the most effective way to keep both your casual style and comfort intact during pregnancy. They come in different types, including but not limited to:

  • Over the Bump: Also referred to as high-rise, high-waisted, or over-the-belly denim, these feature a highly-stretchable belly panel covering your bump up to the middle, around, or above the belly button. They are ideal for women who are not used to wearing low-cut hipster denim pants. They are more suitable to wear in the later stages of pregnancy.
  • Underbelly: Also known as mid-rise, mid-waist, under-the-bump, or demi panel jeans, these denim pants come with a wide stretchy waistband that sits under your bump. They hit about an inch below your tummy button and are designed to provide firm support to your growing belly. They are usually not noticeable under tops and work best during the first and second trimesters.
  • Low Panel: Also called low-waist jeans, these run a couple of inches below your navel and are more suitable for women with shorter torsos.
  • Side-elasticated: As the name itself suggests, this style features discreet elasticated side panels or adjustable buttons that adapt to your expanding belly, on either one or both sides, usually right above the front pockets. They look quite similar to regular denim pants and are much easier to take on and off than other pregnancy denim pant styles.
  • Drawstring: This style features a drawstring at the front waistline, which you can adjust to your comfort. There is also an elasticated band given at the back-side to keep the denim pant in place.

What Are Maternity Jeggings?

Maternity jeggings are a mixture of denim jeans and leggings. They pack the style of pregnancy jeans and offer the comfort of stretchy maternity leggings. They are slightly thicker than leggings and provide the look of jeans. Maternity jeggings are a perfect blend of style and comfort, and you can wear them under dresses and tunics. They are the most prevalent maternity bottom wear and a staple in every maternity wardrobe.

Things to Consider When Buying Maternity Jeans & Jeggings Online

Whether you're on a casual outing or just relaxing at home, pregnancy jeans and jeggings make your pregnancy look stylish and glamorous – absolutely without compromising the comfort that you need the most during pregnancy. Keep the following factors in mind when buying a pair of pregnancy jeans and jeggings:

    • Pick the Right Style: As with regular jeans, pregnancy denim pants come in various styles, ranging from skinny to straight-leg to bootcut fit, to suit your shape and tastes. Choose the right fit according to the shape and type of your body!
    • Buy According to the Trimester: Choose the belly band/waistband type according to the stage of pregnancy you're in. For instance, under-the-bump pregnancy jeans and jeggings are suitable for the initial months of pregnancy, while over-the-bump styles are appropriate for the last trimester.
    • Look for Additional Features: When buying pregnancy jeans and jeggings, look for extra features like pockets, drawstring, buttons, foldable panel, etc., to ensure the denim pants are functional enough.
    • Machine Washable: Make sure the denim pants are machine washable to facilitate quick cleaning.
    • Buy at Least Two Pairs: Shop for at least two or more pairs in different styles, so you always have a pair for every occasion.

Buy Maternity Jeans & Jeggings Online @ Wobbly Walk

Explore an impressive array of high-stretch maternity denim pants and jeggings online at Wobbly Walk and never go out of fashion and comfort during pregnancy. As India's most loved maternity and nursing wear brand, we manufacture and sell a complete line of underbelly and over bump pregnancy jeans and jeggings in different styles, ranging from skinny to slim to straight-leg to bootleg.

Made from ultra-soft and four-way stretchy cotton lycra jersey fabric, our maternity jeans and jeggings can be worn throughout all three trimesters and even postpartum. They are ideal for various activities, spanning from pregnancy workouts and sleeping to traveling and hanging out with friends. What's more, you can choose from different sizes, colors, and patterns. So, order your favorite pregnancy jeans and jeggings now and flatter your baby bump with a perfect blend of comfort and style.