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Feeding Nighties & Gowns Online for New Moms

On average, a newborn feeds up to 12 times a day, including 2-3 times at night.

So if you're a new mom, waking up at night to feed your baby can be disturbing, and you should try to make it easier.

You don't want to deal with restrictive clothing, so buying a couple of easy-access nighties is essential to ensure trouble-free sessions at night.

Feeding Gowns & Nighties - The Best Nightwear for Moms

A feeding nighty or gown is a comfortable and accommodating sleepwear attire specifically designed for moms who are either breastfeeding or pumping.

It comes with convenient access, like a zipper, buttons, etc., to make nighttime sessions much easier for moms. You don't need to lift your entire dress to access your breast.

Additionally, it helps maintain an optimal body temperature that keeps you in utmost comfort and promotes sound sleep.

Advantages of feeding gowns and nighties

Nighties are a perfect combination of comfort, style, and convenience. The benefits of feeding gown for mothers include:

  • Comfort: Provide enough room for your bust to breathe free.
  • Ease: Easy to maneuver at night. It makes your breasts easily accessible at any time at night.
  • Discreteness and privacy: A feeding nighty with buttons or zip provides you with the utmost privacy even when you’re in public. It will hide you in plain sight.
  • Promptness: You can undo a button or zipper to access your breast with a single hand at night.
  • Versatility: You can wear a cotton feeding nighty with zip from pregnancy through childbirth to your lactation period.
  • C-section healing: Helps stitches heal faster if уоu hаvе аny.
  • Style: Wearing a baby feeding nighty gives you a kind of motherly feeling.

Things to look for when buying nursing nighties

When you're shopping for nighties or gowns online, the following features are key:

  • Breathable fabric: Choose fabrics that let your body breathe. It ensures no sweating, rashes, or irritation. Cotton feeding nighties with zip are the best choice for new moms as they are lightweight and easy to wear.
  • Accessibility: Choose cotton feeding nighties with buttons or zippers in the bust area to make the process easy and hassle-free.
  • Stretchability: Your cotton feeding gown or nighty must provide freedom of movement.
  • Style: Never compromise on your style. Try different types in vibrant colors and playful patterns.
  • Machine-washable: You don't want to add hand washing to your list of chores and responsibilities. Always buy machine washable cotton feeding nighties with zip online.


When should I start buying feeding nighties?

You can start shopping for them in the later months of pregnancy.

What fabric is best for nursing gowns and nighties?

Cotton is best as it is lightweight and breathable.

How to find the right size in nighty?

You can use the Wobbly Walk size chart to determine the perfect size for you.

Can I find stylish nighties?

Absolutely! At Wobbly Walk, you can find fashion-forward styles in gorgeous colors, prints, and patterns.

Essentials for new moms

Shop Nursing Nighties & Gowns Online

Being a new mom doesn't mean you have to cope with constrictive clothing at night. Shop Wobbly Walk cotton feeding gowns and nighties online to make those tiring middle-of-the-night sessions a whole lot easier.

The outfits are cute, comfortable, and breathable, with easy access integrated into the design. Also, you can choose from many colors, styles, and sizes, including plus-size.

So, go ahead and make your motherhood journey more blissful by slipping into our exclusive range of nighties and gowns designed for new mothers.

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