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Baby Head Pillows



Buy Baby Flat Head Pillows (Head Shaping Pillows) Online In India

Babies are born with a very delicate and sensitive skull, which can be easily molded. That means if you let your infant’s cranium stay in the same position for a long time or don't put it in the right posture during sleep, he may suffer from the Flat Head Syndrome in the near future. Also known as positional plagiocephaly, flat head is a condition in which the back and/or side of the newborn's skull appears to be flattened. According to pediatricians, mild flattening of the brainpan does not affect the development of a child’s brain but if not treated in time, it could result in a permanent malformation of the skull.

Although there are several methods and products available to prevent and treat Flat Head Syndrome, none of them seems as economical and effective as a Baby Head Shaping Pillow that keeps an infant’s skull, neck and spine in the correct alignment while sleeping. Having a doughnut shape, a Baby Head Shaping Pillow not only reduces the pressure applied on the newborn’s skull by almost 50% but also increases overall cranium support by 80%. Essentially, a newborn head and neck support cushion prevents your little one from sleeping in awkward positions and thus helps his cranium grow naturally.

Baby Flat Head Pillows are available to buy online in two main variants. The first one is mustard seeds cushion and the second one is wedge cushion. While a mustard pillow for flat head is filled with mustard seeds to provide just the right support to even out your newborn’s skull shape, on the other hand, a wedge pillow for baby flat head is a triangular-shaped cushion designed to physically adjust your infant’s sleeping position to semi-upright. Both types of Head Shaping Cushions contribute to preventing Flat Head Syndrome and can be easily bought online.

Tips to Buy Flat Head Pillows

While you’re going to buy a Baby Head Shaping Pillow online, there are a few things you should always keep in mind. Consider the following points to pick the best Head Shaping Cushions for your little one:

  • Fill Material: Various materials are used to fill a Baby Head Shaping Pillow. These include Memory foam, Hypoallergenic foam, Cotton, Polyester non-allergic Polyfill, Down or feather fill, Fiber, Latex, and more. Choose the one according to your needs!
  • Easy to Clean: Babies are used to making messes, particularly when they are drooling while sleeping. Hence, buy a Baby Flat Head Pillow that can be easily washed through the washing machine as well as hands. If possible, use a cushion cover to prevent Baby Head Pillow from accidental messes.
  • Comfortable: When it comes to buying a perfect Baby Head Shaping Pillow, comfort and support are two crucial things you should keep in mind. The best head shaping cushions is the one that is neither too soft or firm.
    If you press the cushion and it doesn’t regain its regular shape, then it’s too soft. Likewise, if you press the cushion and it doesn’t move, then it is too hard for your little one. Thus, buy a Baby Head Shaping Pillow that is neither too soft or firm.
  • Thickness: The Baby Flat Head Pillow you’re going to buy should be reasonably thin and should not have clumps. Otherwise, it may cause pain or strain in your infant’s neck area.
  • Size: The Baby Flat Head Pillow should be smaller than a standard cushion. Buy a Baby Head Shaping Pillow that fits your newborn’s skull circumference and has a medium cavity diameter.
  • Allergy: Baby Head Shaping Pillow are made of different fabric and fillers. Some of them might be harsh to your little one’s sensitive skin. So before buying a Baby Flat Head Pillow, makes sure you know whether your little one is allergic to a particular fabric or filler.
  • Cavity Design: Cavity is the center hollow where you place your newborn’s cranium. Make sure it's round and not square to shape your little one’s cranium properly.
  • Breathable: The Baby Flat Head Pillow should allow for proper air circulation and let sweat evaporate. Remember, a breathable Head Shaping Cushion helps you keep your little one comfortable, cool, and dry.

At Wobbly Walk, we design, manufacture and sell a wide range of Baby Flat Head Pillows to help your infant develop a healthy, strong sleeping posture as well as minimize the risk of Flat Head Syndrome. Our newborn Baby Head Shaping Pillows come with a recessed center, have a hypoallergenic filling and designed to evenly distribute the pressure around your little one’s fragile skull. Also, our Baby Flat Head Pillows fulfill all the above parameters to ensure your little one enjoys a sound, restful sleep. So what are you waiting for? Browse our inventory and purchase the right Baby Head Shaping Pillow for your little bundle of joy.